Announcing FSHA's Spring Production


Performance dates: March 9-11

Auditions: Dec. 12-15, 2016


The play concerns a group of young girls who have come to New York to study acting and find jobs. The scene is Mrs. Orcutt's boarding house in 1930’s New York, where the hopes and ambitions of sixteen young women are revealed in scenes of entertaining comedy. Contrasted with this are the cases of the girl without talent and the elderly actress whose days are over. The central plot has to do with courageous Terry Randall, who fights against discouragement to a position in the theater where we are sure she will conquer. One of her fellow aspirants gives up in despair, one gets married, and one goes into pictures, but Terry, with the help of idealistic David Kingsley, sticks to her guns. Color and contrast are offered by Mattie, the maid; a few young men callers, a movie magnate and young Keith Burgess, the playwright who "goes Hollywood.”

Note: the days of rehearsals per week is an average. The last week of February the number of rehearsals per week will increase to 5 days for all.
Young Women of the HouseRehearsals
per week
Terry Randall (Lead) – early 20’s, a born actress, striking but not conventionally beautiful.4-5
Jean Maitland (supporting) – early 20’s movie star quality, a better actress off stage than on4
Judith Canfield (supporting) – 20’s, actress, wise, cynical, quick wit4
Madeline Vauclain 20’s, actress, a languid beauty, shallow3
Bernice Niemeyer late teens, a character actress but doesn’t know it, comical3-4
Mary Harper
(Big Mary)

teens, petite, boy crazy, nosey, paired with Little Mary, comical

Mary McCune
(Little Mary)
teens, tall, nosey, paired with Big Mary, comical3
Ann Braddock late teens, very dramatic and serious3
Kaye Hamilton early 20’s, big eyed, innocent new girl, serious role3
Linda Shaw 20’s, a diva, promiscuous2-3
Bobby Melrose 20’s, a southern belle3
Louise Mitchell 20’s, leaving acting to get married1
Susan Paige teens, an acting student3-4
Pat Devine 20’s, Night Club dancer, sassy, moves like a dancer, (some dance required)3-4
Kendal Adams late teens, comes from a wealthy family, and acts like it3
Tony Gillette

(cameo) – young actress

Ellen Fenwick (cameo) – young actress1
Billie (cameo) young photographer1
Older Women
Mrs. Orcutt  40-50, the house matron, flamboyant former actress, mother to the girls3-4
Olga Brandt 20-30, pianist, Russian, dark and artsy3
Helga Gretzl
50’s, a big wig in the movie business 1
Mattie 40-50, the maid, dry sense of humor3
Mrs. Shaw 40-50, upper class woman1
Laura Westcott 30's, a publicity woman1
Male Roles

David Kingsley (lead) – late 30’s, successful Hollywood film maker, handsome, and slick2
Keith Burgess (supporting) – late 20’s, a playwright, bohemian but is seduced by success2
Sam Hasitngs 20’s, a young actor from texas1
Fred Powell 30’s, a businessman1
Lou Milhauser 30’s, a businessman1
Dr. Randall 50-60, a country doctor1

Audition Schedule
Monday, Dec. 12 3-5PM: Auditorium Monologue Selections
Tuesday, Dec. 13 3-5PM: Auditorium Monologue Selections
Wednesday, Dec. 14 3-5PM: Auditorium Callbacks/Readings
Thursday, Dec. 15 3-5PM: Auditorium Callbacks/Readings
Audition Procedures

1) Sign up BELOW for the Reading Audition.
Sign up for either Monday, Dec. 12th OR Tuesday, Dec. 13th. Please only sign up in the spaces available. Do not add spaces to the sheet. 

2) Be Sure your Parent sends the confirmation email BEFORE Fri Dec 15th
When you sign up your parent will recieve an eamil of notification and the FSHA Produttion Contract.  Your parent will need to reply to the email by Fri, Dec 15th for you to be cast.

3) Download, Select and prepare a reading from the monologue sheet
You do not need to memorize the reading, but you should be familiar with the piece, and include blocking.

4) Bring the completed and signed Audition Information form on the day of your Reading Audition.
Please fill out the form as completely as possible. The more specific information you give will aide in the casting process.

5) Keep both Wed. Dec. 14th and Thur. Dec. 15th open for Callbacks.
Check your FSHA email for Callbacks and info.

* Boys who are auditioning should e-mail Mr Bommarito at with any questions.
Audition Materials
Click on the files below to download.
ALL Materials
All the forms below in one zipped file.
Audition Form Print, fill out and bring to reading audition
Production Contract
Read and Sign the Audition Form to indicate you understand and agree with the FSHA production policies and proceedures.
Audition Selections Choose one reading to perform on the day of your audition
Character Descriptions Indicate which characters you would like or not like to play on the Audition Form

Audition Sign Ups
The order you sign up in is NOT the order you will audition in. That will be determined on a first come; first served basis on the day of your audition.
You will be able to opt out up until the day of your audition.
Bring the signed Audition Form on the day of your first audition.

If you have any questions you can E-mail me at

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